What is Remarketing – How Is It Useful for Businesses

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Updated July 12th, 2022

What is Remarketing ( Hindi ) – Understanding the Benefits of Remarketing

Hi, In this video you will learn about Remarketing? How to create campaigns & list on Google Adwords

When a customer visits your website, more than 95% of your customer don’t buy the product from you or take your service. It’s a hard fact.

There are many reasons for it like a customer is just researching a product or service, may he want to buy later on, maybe someone calls him when he was buying or maybe he saved your website URL to consult with someone for the final decision.

So there are many reasons for a customer not to buy your product on the first visit. So when you remarketing them with your ads or offer when they browse over internet for apps, new or website.

It creates an impact on their mind when they see your ads again & again. So some of your visitors who didn’t buy your product in first now visit your website again & can become your customer.

There are many benefits of doing Remarketing –

1 – Increase brand awareness
2 – Highly target ads
3 – Lower cost per click
4 – Higher conversion rate

How to Create Remarketing List in Google Adwords & Google Analytics (Hindi)

Remarketing Campaigns Adwords – Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA), Display & Video

In this video, I am going to show you how you can set up remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords.

How to create remarketing for search ads – RLSA
How to create remarketing campaigns for Display Ads
How to create remarketing campaigns for Video Ads
Plus there are remarketing tips & best practice that I explained in the video to avoid mistakes

How to Create a Remarketing List for Organic Traffic – Remarketing for Non-Paid Traffic – Organic Traffic Audience Segmentation with Google Analytics.

In this video, I am going to show you, how you can create a remarketing list for the organic visitors (remarketing list for organic traffic).

It’s very easy to create a remarketing list to target organic traffic coming from Google. First, you need to link Google Adwords account to your Google Analytics Account.

Than from Google Analytics — Go To Property — Than Audience Definitions — Audiences Select New Audience — Select All Users — Click Edit Icon to Edit — on Audience Builder Go to Conditions under advanced section Filter the traffic from Acquisition than select Source/Medium — leave the Contain as it is — than Click on the next box then choose google/organic Click on Apply than type the audience name — Click on next step and Add a
destination to Google Ads account where you want to publish the remarketing list. Hit Publish and you are done. Now you can see the list in Google Ads Account. That’s it.

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