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Google Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird updated hits many website. A lot of websites have found their rankings going down due to the same issue because they have no solution for it. To solve these penalty problems, we introduce Panda and Penguin Recovery Services as well as Google Penalty Removal plan through which you can secure your website from getting affected by the same. The whole Digital Marketing World is facing a lot of algorithm changes introduced explicitly by Google.

We You Recover Google Penalty

If your site gets caught by any of the two algorithms, you don’t have to worry about the same. You only need to take an appropriate action and avail the best Google Penalty Recovery service ever to get back the business you have established. Your company may get hit by either Google’s algorithm penalty or manual penalty. Adonwebs has been closely tracking these updates over the last year and has been solving such problems for so long. Our central focus area is to concentrate on locating affected areas on the site and the links and then erasing them permanently from your website.

Adonwebs Helps in Providing You with Your Website Again

Being affected by a Google penalty doesn’t mean that your business has come to an end. There’s a possibility to get back the organic traffic as well as revenues to your website. By applying the appropriate cleanup strategy, Adonwebs reinstates your site again by providing the same ranking positions and traffic as before.

How Does Adonwebs Function?

Our main motive while following the Google penalty recovery process is to determine and analyze the type and level of your penalty. We recognize whether it’s algorithmic or manual, and then perform the next tasks accordingly.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

Google Panda is basically an algorithmic update, which penalizes a website due to duplicate content or low quality. These penalties may severely affect the whole site or some of the pages, eventually wiping out your rankings as well as traffic associated with your entire website.

Introduced in 2011, Panda has been included in the Google algorithm, so it now attacks quickly as soon as it detects any duplicate content. Your rankings can go exceptionally down in just a night.

To identify that if your site is facing a Panda casualty, we’ll try to find out the duplicate content. Our team of experts can find out the copied content very quickly that’s been copied from other sites, or if any other site copied that of yours. We’ll further frame a Google Panda recovery plan that includes replacing duplicates with something unique. Adonwebs also extends thin pages, officially edit old text, as well as fix keyword stuffing problems.

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

Introduced in 2012, the algorithmic penalty related to Google Penguin affects the websites severely for spammy backlinks connected to them. Links that do not represent an editorial endorsement coming from an actual person may cause a penalty. Penguin may also affect the whole website or a few pages that are being seen to be enlisted in violation of Google’s quality instructions.

Firstly, link auditing team associated with Adonwebs monitors as well as reviews all the domains manually that connect you to the issue which caused the penalty. We assess toxicity by knowing the quality of the domain and its related links.

After figuring out all the toxic links, we lead to remove those links. This significant process includes the submission of Disavow.txt files using the Google Webmaster tools, connecting with webmasters in order to remove the links, and document the accomplished removals.

Securing Your Website from all types of Google penalties

Adonwebs doesn’t take a halt just after recovering your website. We intend to come up with post-recovery analysis to make sure that you don’t face the same problem if any subsequent algorithm attacks in future.

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