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✓We Drive Real Results | Maximize Sales @Lowest Cost‎‎
✓ Key Features - Keyword/Target Research, Daily Management, Data Driven Approach
✓ Reduce Budget · Ensure Better ROI · Free Initial Consultation
✓ Campaigns Types - Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Re-marketing , Native Ads

Few of Our Successful Campaigns

What We Do in PPC Management Services.

✓ Set up your AdWords account from start
✓ Audience/Target Research
✓ Set up conversion tracking on your website
✓ Track sales, revenue using Google AdWords/Analytics
✓ Proper Structure your campaigns, ad groups for optimal results
✓ Landing Page Audit & Optimization
✓ Optimise Quality Score and decrease your cost per click
✓ Analyze keyword data to gain deeper insight into your data
✓ Monitor your campaign performance on a regular basis
✓ Spot any trouble in your account and fix it

In Long Term Pay Per Click Campaign We Also Develope

✓ Create, Develop and Optimise Your Google AdWords Campaigns
✓ Re-marketing to Your Website Visitors
✓ Advertise Products/Services Online – Generate New Idea for Lead/Sales Generatio
✓ Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website at low cost
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Campaigns - SEO, Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Facebook Ads, Re-marketing Ads, Call-Only Ads, Native Ads

Reduce Budget · Better ROI · More Sales & Visitors

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Hire PPC Consultant | Google Adwords Specialist in Delhi

Pay Per Click or Google Adwords has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page on major Google search. Adonwebs has vast experience in providing the best PPC service in Delhi & India. We are a team of certified PPC experts based in Delhi, providing PPC service in Delhi/NCR. We are having 5 years of expertise in managing Google AdWords account campaigns


Best PPC expert to take your business next level

Are you searching for Adwords Consultants in Delhi who will work passionately? Well, we are here with a team of PPC Consultants work dedicatedly to maximize ROI on your investments in PPC advertising.

In order to do so, we use advanced strategy & tools for keywords research, create very effective & engaging ad copy plus most important high converting landing pages design to yield for maximum ROI. Even you can trust us as we comply with all the certifications laid out by Google.

First of all, we at Adonwebs will focus on keywords research to find super profitable keywords, for that we use advanced tools like Spyfu to find untapped keywords for your campaigns. Our PPC consultants are always monitoring results to generate maximum revenue for you at less cost. We the PPC consultant in Delhi look forward to implementing new features to your account.

Now gradually such changes in Adwords will draw more customers with proper interest. We create super engaging text ads, banners, videos, or shopping ads to promote your brand thus ensuring that you get the maximum return on investment.

Why do you need to Hire a PPC expert?

Search engine marketing is very dynamic & complicated to understand, only highly professional & experienced Google Adwords Expert can help you generate positive ROI. In fact, without expert help, it’s tough to get a positive result for your business, or you could be losing huge money on your campaigns if you don’t know in & outs.

So it’s not possible for you as an individual to keep track on that. This is the reason you need PPC experts for your business.

Just note we are the one who makes the keyword search convenient. In addition to that, we make an in-depth study of different ads that are likely to accelerate the rate of conversion.

Thus improper ads won’t bring that estimated clicks to your site. Moreover being an Adwords certified expert, it is our responsibility to get maximum out of your investments.

We dig hard to find out the key source of the sales. And we also make accurate analyses do that the keyword and the ads are rightly placed so that you get the adequate conversion.

Now as a Google AdWords expert we have sound knowledge that each of the ads on multiple platforms works on varied Algorithm. Therefore we hone efficiency on running that without hassle.

How to know if your hiring Best Pay Per Click Consultants?

By now you are clear about what does exactly PPC stands for. But here goes a set of queries that you should put forward while you intend to hire PPC experts then you have to note down these lists of questions for a validation.

First of all, you should ask to check whether people in their team is Google Adwords certified or not and if they have prior experience in running AdWords campaign.

Then you should also confirm how much they are capable of dealing with multiple accounts. After that, you need to make sure how experienced they are. And then try to take a timeline deadline by when we will be able to accomplish the project.

Once done you have to verify whether we are offering you the detailed work report or not. What to do in case if you don’t like the service?

Apart from these also get an answer for how many team members will be working on your project. Last but the least you can ask for the strategy of handling accounts.

Benefits of PPC advertising

When you hire us as Google AdWords consultants, there are many benefits of running PPC campaigns. Here are some benefits of PPC

You only Pay for Click – No visit, no fee.

Here you will have the pay only when a potential customer clicks the ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, there is no Fee when your ads display on search.

Access to the specified customer easily

Again in pay per click, the designing and placing of the ads are done quite strategically so that you can have targeted customers without much effort. You can bring only potential new website visitors, grow more sales by targeting specific demographics.

Fast and measurable results

In the case of PPC, you are likely to expect results much faster compared to organic traffic. Once your campaigns are live, you can get reports to see how they are performing — and make adjustments anytime. You can also create different ads to see which ones perform best.

Customise budget

As you hire us as AdWords consultants, we work according to your budget to get maximum ROI. Once you get good results, we can customise and scale your Adwords ad spending.

What is PPC? – Just an Overview

PPC means Pay Per Click; it’s an advertising strategy on the internet.
Now when your potential customers are searching for you online, they see your ads. You will be charged only when potential customers click on your ads or take the desired action. That is why it is called the pay per click. Some of the top PPC networks including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Advertise.com etc.

For your information in the case of PPC, any advertiser willing to pay higher than their rivals cannot expect to have a prominent ad position on the search engine results page. It depends on many sectors.

On the contrary, the whole thing works entirely different instead. Well, search engines like Google and other related ones follow a method called ad auction. It is entirely an automatic process that keeps a close look at the relevance and the expiry of the ad appearing on the search engine results page.


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