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Assured 1st Page Rankings. Quality Leads and Organic Traffic. Focused ROI. Free Analysis
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I will do initial analysis of your website & prepare SEO strategy.

Like how we should do SEO & use other Advance Marketing Techniques

What Your Compititor are doing - Competitor Analysis ?
We Use Advacned tools Like ahrefs, SEMRush & Keywords to do SEO Analysis
What is content gap we are having & how to create them ?
What kind of keywords we can rank easily ?
And What kind of keywords we should not target - like very compititive keywords
What kind of content we need to create to outrank competitors ?
And most imporant part Sales Funnel - If you want get maxium result than you must build a sales funnel - We are expert in that.

Here is How I am going to Help YOU as SEO Expert & Getting More Leads for you Business –

  • #1 - I will help you not only in SEO but also in overall business growth online & may be offline at some point
  • #2 - I’ll suggest you, on what different platforms you can generate leads for your business (free & paid)
  • #3 - Integrate blog to your website, check if your website is mobile friendly & dynamic platform (if you want I can help you get your website dynamic & SEO friendly with no cost)
  • #4 - Also suggest you ways (or strategy) where you can generate cheap or free leads for your business
  • #5 - Video – the most engaging platform (like YouTube) – help you create video and generate leads through it
  • #6 - Report & Analysis where we can improve as brand and grow.

All the things I mentioned & suggested to you will be taken step by step, few thing we can do immediately but few thing takes time & planning. And at Last I can Guarantee you, I will generate more money for you business than you have  invested in SEO package.

Assured 1st Page Rankings. Quality Leads and Organic Traffic. Focused ROI. Free Analysis
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Hi, My Name is Viren Negi

I can certainly help you in SEO, having 6+ years of experience across different industries, from eCommerce, Travel, Small Stores, Flipkart & Amazon product SEO, Brick & Morter Business and SEO for B2B & B2C Services.

I use search engine friendly white hat SEO techniques to get the results with proven track record & clientele. I personally love to help small to mid size companies with SEO & PPC (I am also Google Adwords Certified). I use advance SEO tools like ahref & semrush to do keywords research & competitor analysis to give you an idea how we can prepare better for SEO.

Assured 1st Page Rankings. Quality Leads and Organic Traffic. Focused ROI. Free Analysis
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Best SEO Consultant & Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi - India

Want to rank your website on Google ? Hire me Best SEO Expert in Delhi, having 6+ Years Exp. Result Driven SEO Services.

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Why You need to Hire a SEO Expert?

SEO Stats That Will Help you Make Decision

81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.
61% of internet users do research on a product online before making a purchase.
46% of all searches on Google are Local.
78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.
72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.
70-80% of people ignore paid search results, choosing to only click on organic listings.
57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

Assured 1st Page Rankings. Quality Leads and Organic Traffic. Focused ROI. Free Analysis
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We Deliver Results | Guaranteed First Page Rankings

Affordable SEO Packages | SEO Plans & Pricing

Assured 1st Page Rankings. Quality Leads and Organic Traffic. Focused ROI. Free Analysis
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Best SEO expert to take your business next level

Millions of brands are out there in the market to sell their products and services. Now each of these products is meant for indeed targeted buyers. But to drive those potential buyers to your store, you have to back on SEO experts. Once you are in the process, you have to strive to push it a bit higher by indulging on on-page and off page SEO, using long-tailed keywords etc.

Why should companies hire SEO Consultant?

Among the multiple benefits of hiring, SEO experts in Delhi will discuss here the primary ones. Like first of all your website gets good traffic that boosts ranking. Next the sure will generate greater revenue. The entrepreneur can concentrate on improving his business more and more.

How to choose Best SEO expert for your business?

While choosing a freelance SEO expert Delhi you have to search for the portfolio and experiences. Next review the SEO tactics they are likely to follow. Apart from that do not get carried with the instant result because SEO takes time. Make sure that the company also indulges in content marketing as well.

What we do as SEO expert?

In order to make your business running, the SEO freelancer in Delhi actually make detail scouting of keywords, gather knowledge on traffic, help you get backlinks, increase the chance of local search, puts you a step ahead of competitors. Take advantage of Joomla, WordPress, HTML websites etc. Also, collaborate with designers and writers.

Do SEO work for lead generation from google?

Yes, the digital marketing consultant Delhi does work to get you organic leads from Google. Like it boosts your site ranking by incorporating keywords related to business. When the keyword is searched they are directed to follow the link connecting to your site thus in this way you earn organic traffic. Well to do all these the SEO experts have to sure that they make a proper hunting for the keywords. In addition to that should work to make the website responsive in every possible way.

What is SEO?

SEO is known as search engine optimization. Popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo generates organic traffic to the site. These search engines assured primary search results after analysing contents, videos. Now they rank it considering relevant and worthy of users. Apart from that SEO also assures that you get good traffic quantity. That means it keeps an eye that right customers click through.

What is on-page SEO?

The on-page SEO means for drawing escalated traffic to your site. Moreover, you should see that it focuses on more relevant traffic to your site. In case of on-page SEO, you have to focus on both the HTML code and content at the same time. For effective result from on the page, SEO one had to make sure that the quality of the code is quite enriched. In addition to that, the features of the content should be compelling. Apart from these, you have to pay attention to the user experience fact. That means the user should feel friendly to your site. This connection will boost the traffic.

What is off- Page SEO

The off page SEO means to improve the status of your site on the search engine page. Besides focusing on the design of your website the off page SEO intends to work on promoting the website. Literally off page SEO refers to working outside the set domain of your website. Thus the three crucial aspects of the off page SEO is social media marketing, social networking and link building. Honestly, the off-page SEO has been a great one because of it works to uplift your rank in search engine. On the top of that increases your page rank that means it tries to place you somewhere between 0 to 10 in the list as per Google terms.

How much do I charge?

First of all just remember that the amount charged by the SEO freelancer India is due to a negotiation between the company and the client. Some prefer to charge as per the length of the project. That means some takes the amount in two halves like an advance in the beginning and the other half with the completion of the work. But some companies prefer to work on the basis of hourly rates only. Now, this hourly price $12 to $ 600is justified for specific types of projects which needs SEO to promote a particular segment. These apart here goes a breakdown like for monthly chargers they can quote anything between $250 to $10,000.

What included in SEO services cost?

While going through the list of services included initially make sure that the company is fair enough with their cost. No hidden cost must there to confuse you. Now coming to the list of services included just note that you will get proper SEO guidance from a team of SEO professionals to help you secure a position in the SEO. In addition to that, it enables you to enjoy the best industry optimisation techniques. They help you get various SEO products. In addition to that, you should know that above all they offer you competitive rates.

Hire me as SEO Freelancer

Indeed, you can hire the best SEO expert in India as your next SEO guide because when we work your site improve the rank, we possibly decline the strategies at length to help you understand our move. In addition to that, we always abide by the webmaster norms as stated by the Google. That means we do not apply any unethical SEO tricks or fill in the page with unwanted contents. Moreover, we make sure that your website is optimised for local searches. That means your site should appear in the search when anyone in the nearby local areas inputs the keyword. We will also share the detail reports on how we are proceeding. Now in case of any changes in our move, we will share that also step by step for a clear update.

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