Beginner to Advanced SEO Training

Want to know how to rank your website on Google even if you just started?

Don't make the same mistakes that 99% of people made when they start their website or blog

Hi, My name is Viren Negi

I helped 50+ business to rank their website on Google and get more leads & customers.

And I am experienced in generating leads through SEO, PPC & Social Media Advertising.

So in this Beginner to Advanced SEO Training,
I'll help you how to actually rank your website on Google step by step.

Everything will be step by step - from Website Design to SEO

✅ How to do niche research

✅ How to pick a domain name & hosting

✅ How to Setup your Website using WordPress

✅ How to do keywords research - if done right half the SEO task is finished

✅ How to do competitor analysis - Learn what's working for your competitors

✅ How to create content that you can rank easily

✅ Technical SEO - OnPage - Off-Page

✅ How to make money from your website

What You Will Learn

So Join the Advanced SEO Course & Learn How to Generate Traffic & Rank Website on Google By Yourself
✅ What is a Niche?
✅ How to find the profitable Niche
✅ Things to Keep in Mind
✅ How to pick a Domain Name & Hosting
✅ How to Setup your Domain & Hosting
✅ Learn About Basics Hosting Panel & DNS
✅ Setup Your Website on WordPress
✅ Selecting Wordpress Themes & Plugins
✅ Installing Free SSL
✅ Learn Basic HTML Tags & Wordpress
✅ What is Keyword
✅ Keywords Research Using Advance Tools like Ahrefs & Keyword Tool
✅ Finding Profitable Keywords
✅ Other Methods of Finding Keywords
✅ What is Competitor Research
✅ How to do Competitor Research using Ahrefs Tools
✅ Finding Competitor's Profitable Keywords
✅ How to Create Content
✅ How to Outsource Content
✅ Things to Keep in Mind when Creating Content
✅ Learn About On-Page SEO
✅ Learn About Basics Off Page SEO
✅ Learn About Social Media
✅ How to Builds Backlinks
✅ Best Methods to Build Backlinks
✅ How to find Competitors Backlinks
✅ How to Make Money from Your Website
✅ Basics of Affiliate Marketing
✅ Selling your Own Product & Service Online

Bonus Tips

Bonus - How to build email list

Bonus - How to do remarketing - most powerful form of marketing

Advance Tools We will be Using

SEO Training

SEO TRAINING – Weekdays / Weekend
Live Project to Clear concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to working on Clients.
Know-How to run a business online, earn more sales and discover more leads
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