Top 10 Dental Marketing Strategies To Attract New Patients

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Updated July 13th, 2022

Top 10 Dental Marketing Strategies To Attract New Patients

If you want to grow your dental clinic rapidly with the help of dental marketing then this blog will help.  Growing your business online whether it is to increase brand awareness and engagement dental marketing has always been a great process to progress your dental clinic. If you know how to market your initiatives can result in a good ROI, let’s see how.

What do you mean by Dental marketing?

The entire approach between your dental method and a customer is an element of marketing. Dental marketing means the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to catch up with customers in a wider range.

Some marketing specialists consider dental marketing to be a completely new endeavor that imposes a new way of reaching customers and new strategies for understanding how customers behave.

Dental marketing will help you to promote your profession with the help of various social media platforms and you can skillfully accomplish the goals of your business.

Need for dental marketing

If you don’t have a realistic marketing plan, then you are running your business blindly. A Marketing plan is your dental operating lights, if you don’t have them then it’ll be the practice of keeping or running your business in the dark.

Here are some justifications that can prove that dental marketing is necessary for your dental business.

  • It concludes an idea for your method and its goal.

In the absence of an idea and purpose statement, your dental clinic is at an actual drawback. These two significant statements conform to your practice’s focus. It clarifies what you need to fulfill.

Establishing feasible business objectives is essential for any oral health office. Surveying them regularly is of proportional significance. These objectives require to be measurable, detailed, and they should map to a timeframe.

  • Helps to recognize your target market.

Being a dentist you require to specify who your clients are in your society and what are their requirements. You also want to realize who your rivalry is and what their powers and drawbacks, and if and how the race is fulfilling the wants of the society.

  • A blueprint for accomplishing brilliant business ideas is developed.

Appearing with practical aspects and bold concepts to shift your business forward isn’t hard, but you require to compute and organize them, assign them to specific members of your staff, and determine adequate timelines to accomplish them.

  • It enables you to distinguish your procedure.

Your patients are your clients. In addition to assisting specify your target market, a marketing strategy supports your patients comprehend why your dental clinic is the one they should prefer, and what’s extraordinary about your assistance.

Top 10 dental marketing strategies

1.Start a Dental Blog

Dental Blog

If you want your website to rank on the search engine results page then you need to start a dental blog for your website. This will enable your website to rank on the search engine results page for keywords that potential clients use to find the information they need.

Always begin to write about issues that express common dental problems,  dental methods, oral health tips, modern procedures in dentistry, and broad knowledge about your methods. If you are confused then here are some good dental blogging ideas.

  • Deal with gravitating Dental Topics:- One of the most trending dental topics is “natural” teeth whitening methods or procedures. Several people have been Googling the practice of activated charcoal as a teeth whitener.
  • Your blog post can talk about the pros and cons of this DIY procedure and suggest teeth-whitening assistance that your method provides.
  • Outline Healthy Oral Habits. Maximum people are interested in protecting the teeth they were born with. Also, your blog posts can reveal healthy oral habits and motivate routine dental check-ups.
  • You can also allow patients to know that most dental insurers will pay 100% for these services.

2. Invest in Video Marketing

Video marketing is also called a sound dental marketing strategy because it is surveyed that there are more customers that like videos rather than reading a long paragraph, especially ones that address a dental problem they have.

Also, Nearly 40% of potential patients called to plan a dental meeting after seeing a video on a topic that was related to them.

Understanding a twisted language by using presentations and videos can help to enhance traffic and people usually prefer to view things rather than reading a tedious article. It is estimated that more than 65% of people understand pictorial things faster than an article or text.

Maximum customers don’t pay much awareness to lengthy paragraphs, essays, and texted lines. But graphics can win their attention and make them more analyze your marketing technique.  Good quality infographics can help you to boost up your traffic by 193% for sure.

Here are ideas of dental videos you can post:

  • Start with a Welcome or introductory video explaining your dental clinic. Create a video to welcome and introduce prospective patients to your practice.
  • Videos for Profile: You can generate a video explaining about yourself that refers to your knowledge and training. This is also a tremendous area to talk about your method philosophy and the areas of your knack. This goes a long way towards impressing patients’ faith and belief in you including your dental procedure.
  • Customer compliments, videos related to reviews:- These videos will not only assemble patients’ faith in your technique but also create trust in your dental staff.
  • Overview of dental treatment and procedure: Create videos of all your dental procedures and treatment, especially videos including the “before and after.”
  • FAQs: you can discuss dental procedures, anesthesia, what dental insurance your practice accepts, that are common. Get a survey from your staff about what kind of questions they had to face while treating their patients. You can ask over a phone call or by the meeting.

3. Always ask your patients to give feedback online:-

Inquiring for reviews and complements is another incredible dental marketing idea. Nowadays all the potential patients prefer to read reviews of other patients before they even bother reaching your office. A constant progression of existing positive reviews is free marketing.

In a survey, it was found that more than  80% of customers believe in online reviews as much as if they are taking suggestions from friends and family. As if that’s not evidence enough, 48% of patients would go out of their insurance network for a dentist with great reviews.

Here are the places you need reviews:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp

4. Generate Engaging Images and Posts on Social Media

About 54℅ people currently use social media platforms to research any product or service before they make any purchase. Also, there are approximately 3.5 million people who are active on social media this makes leveraging social media a good dental marketing idea.

Here are some ideas for dental posts that you can share on social media:

  • Remind people about the dental benefits they’re paying for but not using. There are more than 25% of people having dental insurance and are not known about their full package of dental benefits, primarily cleanings, check-ups, and x-rays.  By doing this you can get more patients into your chairs and income into your profession.
  • Infographics and the use of Visuals are awesome because they are easy to catch, read, also enjoyable, and can attract rightful customers to you.
  • Videos that show your dental methods. This will exhibit how experienced, trained, responsible, and trustworthy you are at dealing with possibilities’ dental cases.
  • To become a natural selling point you can post before and after images and videos. People love these and these sorts of photos are extremely beneficial for a dental clinic.

5. Emergency Keywords

Appealing on keywords like “emergency” or “urgent” is a simple manner to get customers with sudden wants and high objectives; visualize the return on investment for those keywords! But be clear that your method can take emergency issues and contributes a simple manner to reach the practice, or else you may get a poor review on Google.

6. Google Maps Ads

Google advertisements on google maps could lead a customer right to your dental practice. When “dentist” is reached into the search bar, outcomes are revealed on the map and the search results list. On mobile, these ads also comprise paths, directions, and call CTAs.

7. New! Facebook Messaging Ad Type

A new feature recently put in by Facebook helps to utilize Messenger to communicate with businesses. Now Advertisers will be able to use “Send Message” as a CTA on their ads, which would then take the prospect to the messenger. This is only in beta now but should be rolling out fully very soon.

8. Mobile Call-Only Ads

As per google one in twenty Google searches related to health care information, and Most of these searches related to health care are done on a smartphone. So, don’t miss out on this chance. You can generate ads entirely for mobile with call-only campaigns through Google Ads.

9. Develop an SEO Strategy

Dental SEO

Formulating an SEO strategy is essential for all healthcare businesses. The first place that people go to discover healthcare information is generally over the internet. Their primary stop? Their favorite search engine. More than 90% of online knowledge commences with a call to a search engine and 75% of people never go past the first page of the search engine results.

You could be the nicest dentist in the city if only everyone can know about you. If no one can find you and your work then you’ll have a tough time inviting new patients.

The following SEO checklist will help your web pages rank higher on the search engine results page. Your website must:

  • Make it reliable that your website is mobile-friendly:-

This is the most influential method to accumulate most of the traffic at your site, as we know today people are handy and pick up everything on mobiles skillfully. In a survey, it was Encountered that more than 60% of activities are now executed on a mobile device, and in the case of e-commerce, it is even better than usual. Not having a mobile-friendly site can reduce your customers.

  • Heighten your traffic with infographics

Your online business is having limited infographics that formulate your site confused and not impressive. Understanding a twisted language by using presentations and videos can help to enhance traffic and people usually prefer to view things rather than reading a tedious article. It is estimated that more than 65% of people understand pictorial things faster than an article or text.  Maximum customers don’t pay much awareness to lengthy paragraphs, essays, and texted lines.

  • Content writing

I was going through your site and I found that your site has very insufficient information About you which can ameliorate your visitors and viewers. Tryouts have been taken and it is found that length and Search Engine Ranking (SER) are correlated.

Don’t go for a prolonged article, a small and brief article with almost all information that can explain about your site flawlessly is worthwhile. Try to add keywords to your articles that can improve you to increase your ranking. Make your site look productive to not only viewers but also to google as it displays the page while scouring.

10. Local Awareness Facebook Ads

Being detailed about who you market to is significant if you want the world to notice your dental practices. Most possibly, you don’t need to be exhibiting ads for your practice outside of a 50-mile radius—if you are in someplace and someone more than in a 50-mile radius is seeing your ad, that doesn’t do anyone any useful.

Local Awareness ads are an incredible way to reach the attention of the local audience, and with the help of the new map card to share locally pertinent features about your dental business, like

  • the address,
  • distance to the business,
  • hours of operation, and a “Get directions” link.
  • Your CTA can even be a call button, a manageable prompt to prepare for a meeting.


You now know about the 10 best dental marketing ideas that you can implement right now to attract more patients to your dental practice. If you adopt even several of these suggestions and procedures, you’ll be ahead of your rivals. Most of these ideas and strategies are extremely understandable and free to do yourself. You can increase your small business to a great height by following these wonderful dental marketing strategies and Ideas.




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