Top 5 Blogging Trends for Building an Audience in 2023-24

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Updated February 13th, 2024

Learn How you can Build an Audience for Your Blog in 2023-24

A blog will only make sense if it has an audience. Blogs are unique because they are purely for information purpose. Selling comes as a secondary benefit once you create enticing content on your blog. If you are blogging while in college or would like to start, there are professional writers for hire to take up your assignments so that you can create more time to make your blog great.

2020, and especially the Corona virus disease have sent so many people as well as businesses online. This is a trend that will not be reversed in 2023 and beyond. But traffic is not going to all websites and platforms online. Increased activity will only be seen on websites that have made a deliberate effort to attract the quality audience.

A blog is one of the ways to attract the quality audience to your website. As you upload insightful articles, you build an audience that keeps returning and will also bring more people to your platform. What blogging tips will help you to build quality audience in 2023-24? Here are a few insights from experts.

  1. Create Excellent Content

The main attraction on a blog is content. Visitors will come to read the beautiful articles you have written, videos upload, and the amazing photos on your website. The biggest challenge for a blogger is to sustain a quality of content that will keep people returning.

If the content is amazing, it will be shared on social media or links sent over other platforms. That way, more people keep returning to your website. The current readers will serve as ambassadors directing more people to your website. You create a funnel that keeps draining more people to your website.

And what does excellent content mean?

  • High quality- create content that people will love to consume. Whether you are writing articles or creating videos, they must meet the highest quality standards. Use tools such as software to edit your articles so that they are pleasant to read. Use the best cameras for videos and photos.If you are dealing with data and info-graphics, make sure that they are legible. Quality content is an invitation. It is similar to a good meal at a restaurant. It leaves a taste that you will want to experience again and again. Spend time on the content, engage professionals, and use feedback to constantly improve on the quality of content.
  • Relevant- the content should add value to the life of readers. It is relevant because the reader can find it valuable. Provide the latest data, accurate information, and actionable details. In fact, visitors share content because it makes sense.Keep away from outdated topics, images, and discussions. Track your progress and obtain feedback from readers to know whether the content makes sense.
  • Interesting to read- you might present the best facts but in a language or using a storyline that is difficult to follow. Identify a presentation style that makes your blog interesting to follow.For instance, you can pass very serious information about your brand through a funny video clip. At the same time, you may take photos at a unique angle that gives the images a wow effect. Interesting content generates a lot of engagements and is memorable.
  • Original and authentic- do not copy ideas or information from other bloggers. People return to your blog because you have something they cannot find anywhere else. For this reason, you must create the most unique content.Copying or even imitating content from other blogs will dim your authenticity. In fact it sends away visitors from your blog because, after all, they can get the same content elsewhere.

Create the most exciting content for your blog and your audience numbers will keep growing. The current traffic transforms into ambassadors who bring other people on board. Sustain that high-quality content and you will sustain the traffic.

  1. Engage Your Audience

Give your visitors more than the content they find on your website. You are not the only person who knows about the ideas or topics you are discussing.

The people who visit your website do so because they have an interest and understanding of the content. For this reason, engage them with your content and by allowing them to air their views.

There are several ways to engage your audience on a blog. The first and most important is quality content. Such content is naturally inviting, such that visitors click on links, share, and return to the blog on their own volition. Such is indirect engagement.

Direct engagement is deliberate. You ask questions, request for comments, and provide room for reviews. These are tricks that will involve your work directly. It is one of the ways of gathering information about the blog and using it to improve the platform. When visitors feel appreciated, they will make your blog a home.

Another indirect engagement is through communities. Allow discussions on your page without your intervention. The discussions may also extend to social media where your fans or followers generate debate. Since you are not directly involved, they feel a part of the brand. Such acts keep them within your ream, enabling you to build a community of interested people.

  1. Use Social Media

There are more people on social media than any other platform in the world. Some platforms have billions of people signing up each day. These are the best hunting grounds for an audience to your blog.

Create a social media page that promotes the same brand you are running on the blog. Once you add content on your blog, provide a link on social media. Remember that people are not always on websites because they are distributed throughout the internet.

However, a lot of people are on social media even while they may not be commenting. In the course of scrolling through social media, they will come across your link and click. You add to the audience following your blog.

  1. Develop Mobile-Friendly Platforms

Internet traffic today has moved more onto mobile gadgets. If you want to capture more people, the blog must be mobile-friendly. Use a design or template that responds well when opened via mobile gadgets.

The content you add onto the blog must also be mobile-friendly. Add light videos, images, and text that are easy to consume. Include buttons and mobile payment options that guarantee the best experience.

  1. Buy Ads

Blogging is now extremely competitive. A lot of people understand SEO and other digital marketing trends. You will need to go an extra mile to beat them and rank top as well as attract more traffic. One of the tricks is buying ads.

An ad helps you to rise above the best. It will increase exposure and build traffic that would have taken months or years to build. Monitor data on keywords so that you can get better return-on-investment when you buy ads.

Blogging comes with many other tricks that you can use to increase visibility. From building links to inviting guest posts, these are tactics that will increase visibility and invite more people to your blog. Your greatest duty will be to sustain the traffic, especially beating competition that seeks to dislodge you from the top each day.


Viren is having 6+ years of experience in Digital Marketing across different industries & verticles. He is in expert Paid Advertising & SEO.

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  1. Creating high-quality and compelling content will definitely help you to build an audience for your blog. User prefer to read the content that are informative and provide value to them. That’s why to build your audience you need to focus on your content part.

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