Best WordPress Hosting Service Provider [Top Features]

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Updated December 11th, 2020

Best WordPress hosting service provider

Are you creating your WP website? Now thinking about going for the best host? Your site will be high performing and secure if you choose the reliable host. Behind the success of a website, one core element is the Webhosting.

Choosing your WebHost improves everything, including the sale. We have picked the top companies that provide great hosting services. When you know about the top companies, you can choose the best one based on quality and service. And also when you design a WordPress website make sure you hire a good WordPress development company to do that.

If you search for the WP hosting service provider, you will find several forms of WP hosts. But when you do not have time, just have a look at the top hosts for a while. We have highlighted some of the best hosting service providers which you can go for. Let’s take a look at the best WP hosting service provider.

Checkout Some Website Hosting Deals


Bluehost web hosting

Building a website is possible within a minute with the automatic installation of Bluehost WordPress. Bluehost offers secured and affordable hosting services. You can install and update automatically.

Bluehost allows you to create unique website themes for you. You can get the most updated and secured version of your website. One thing has made Bluehost secure because your account is secured. Once you create an account, your account will be updated. Besides, if you create an account with Bluehost, you can enjoy the domain name for one year.

If you are done with creating your account, you can enjoy thousands of free themes available on Bluehost. You can switch your themes within a second. Choose the theme that represents your website in the best way. The theme you choose will reflect your talent. You can get 24 hours of hosting services. The experts at Bluehost know how to manage and grow your website.

Let’s take a look at the key features of the Bluehost:

  • Create a distinctive website with hundreds of themes.
  • The automatic WordPress installation
  • Easy and free updates
  • Free SSL certificate for more security
  • 1st-year free domain name
  • Powerful website management tools
  • 24 hours of expert support


hostinger web hosting

When you find a simple hosting plan, you can get to Hostinger. Their hosting service is user-friendly. You can set up your website within a very few minutes. It offers more performance capability to you. You can optimize the speed.

Besides, hosting offers three hosting plans for you. The whole hosting plan is designed for corporate sites. The 10 GB disk space is perfect for small blogs. So it’s your perfect solution if you like to make your website simple and make your speed fast.

If you are finding anything difficult while optimizing your site, a support team is always there to help you. Their support team works 24 hours to provide a non-stop support service. Every plan offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. The entire plan offers for the pre-installed caching plugin, security technology, and daily backups.

The main features of Hostinger include:

  • The high-quality theme at the lowest price
  • Cutting edge web hosting services
  • The right balance of the hosting service quality and price
  • Highest quality cloud features and space 
  • Free website templates more than dozens
  • Very fast website speed at an affordable price rate


cloudways web hosting

If you want to keep your website updated and running, get the hosting service from the Cloudways. Everything on your website will be managed with cloud technology. The professionals manage Cloudways very smoothly.

They use cloud technology to manage a website. Cloudways comes with a bunch of features. Cloudways offer cloud hosting infrastructure, automatic backup systems, scalable hosting solutions, and automatic patching.

Besides, you get the complete plan for hosting. It is up to you which cloud provider you will be choosing. Whether you will choose Amazon or Google, it is totally up to you. But which one you choose will come with a set of resources.

Cloudways confirms to deliver very fast performance with the highest security. You can get everyday support. The support team at Cloudways is available every day.

Now take a look at what are the key features of Cloudways:

  • Advanced caches coupled with the breeze
  • A simplified cache for performing fast
  • Advanced support add-on for premium support
  • More freedom for building a website
  • Flexible moving to Custom plan


greengeeks web hosting

The Greengeeks offer for the most secure, fast, and scalable hosting service. They provide a great web hosting service for more than 150 countries. As an established service provider, they are providing a reliable web hosting service.

It is an eco-friendly hosting service provider. They rely on green energy. Greengreeks offer three different WordPress plans. With a one-click installer, you can run the site within a minute. You can build your audiences.

It offers a great number of features for hosting your website. Your accounts are taken the highest care by the professionals. A team of specialists is always ready to provide support. Their customer support is available 24 hours a day.

It is a great option for you if you are looking for a hassle-free web hosting service provider.

Greengeeks offer several features like:

  • Scalable WP hosting service
  • Eco-friendly web hosting service
  • Automatic update for running smoothly
  • Softaculous access


siteground web hosting

Siteground offers for great and easy website management. If your site is small, you can enjoy fast and secure hosting service. Siteground provides a complete solution to you with premium features and highest support.

The experts do the professional website transfer. Siteground offers a complete plan, including the installation, automatic updates, and expert support. Siteground offers a great set of tools. You can manage your clients easily.

You can transfer the ownership of the new site to clients. Siteground comes with the best solutions with innovative technologies. They have introduced the Encrypt SSL integration. Developing AI software enabled it to prevent more than 5 million brute-force attacks. It is like a beginning, and they are continuing with innovating the new and best services.

They offer automatic WordPress updates. You can get the performance that you want from your website adding more layers and dynamic cache.

SiteGround offer several features like:

  • Secure web hosting service for medium website
  • Automatic WordPress update
  • Optimized Woo hosting for boosting website
  • Highest security for daily software vulnerabilities on the website
  • Custom Encrypt SSL integration

A2 hosting:

a2 web hosting

If you want your website to run fast, you have to get your hosting from the A2 hosting. If you choose the A2 hosting, you do not have to be worried about the speed of the site. Site speed is a crucial element. This is why you should choose a hosting service provider which will make your site fast.

A2 Hosting offers a very fast configuration, hardware, and software. They provide the user with friendly and high speed hosting solutions with advanced WordPress. The exclusive Turbo Server option comes to provide a very fast and great hosting system.

You can enjoy a risk-free hosting service. A knowledgeable support team is always ready to provide 24 hours support.

A2 hosting is going to offer the following features:

  • Site migration free
  • Fastest web hosting solution
  • Free SSL certificate for quick setup
  • Exclusive Turbo server option
  • Shared web hosting solution
  • Best versions of MariaDB and PHP
  • Fastest speed and best security setting
  • cPanel control panel for managing websites and files


chemicloud web hosting

Chemicloud offers fully optimized hosting services with high speed. You can register for a brand new domain name. You need no charge for updating the hosting. Chemicloud comes with the entire hosting plan. This plan includes taking daily offsite backups. You are allowed to store them up to 30 days.

You are allowed to restore at any time from the control panel. They provide the best solution to make your site fast. For making your site faster, they use cutting edge technology. This will improve Google rankings and improve overall site performance. Chemicloud has become a popular host for providing world-class hosting services all around the year.

A team of skilled WordPress expert works to support the clients. So you can build your website easily that provides better performance, strengths, and a great support system.

The hosting plan for Chemicloud includes:

  • SSD drives for the fastest access to the files
  • SSL certificate for more security
  • A free domain name for active hosting
  • Automatic offsite backup for 360 days
  • Website migration without any charge
  • Regular offsite backup of websites
  • Softaculous for easy installation
  • LightSpeed Cache for all in one site acceleration solution


dreamhost web hosting

When you find that your web hosting will be cost-effective managed and non-managed, you have the Dreamhost web hosting. Dreamhost has the web hosting service package with the lowest cost. The package for managed WordPress hosting is known as the DreamPress.

The Dreamhost server grows when your website grows. They offer hosting packages for high traffic websites. For the managed hosting packages, Dreamhosting is a great solution. Moreover, Dreamhost offers great features, including fixing the site if it is hacked. It offers the best support for e-commerce stores.

The cloud server technology comes with it. You can stack the server scalable. The hosting service that the Dreamhost provides is more than the hosting service. All the features that the Dreamhost provides are essential to make your website successful. Mainly they focus on making successful sites.

Main features offered by the Dreamhost:

  • Custom control panel for easy management of web hosting
  • Fast website for search engine rankings
  • US-based expert support system
  • Free WHOIS privacy for security and privacy
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for hosting security



If you want a managed WordPress solution, Synthesis is the ultimate solution for you. For providing hosting services, Synthesis is unbeatable. The hosting service that the Synthesis provides is unique as it runs a website on the Genesis WordPress theme.

Synthesis ensures that you can properly configure the hosting plan. Because Synthesis offers security for threat detection. They will manage the WP patches and related updates. Overall you can make sure that you are one step ahead.

You will get the highest level of the plan with the Synthesis managed solution. The plan includes that you can get the regular theme updates, site security measure, SSL certificate for the highest protection, and custom-tailored hosting environment.

Several features offered by the Synthesis:

  • Free personal backups for clients
  • The effective disaster recovery system
  • Four tiered security system
  • Synthesis security system for fast performance
  • Site sensor monitoring system to know if the site down


inmotion web hosting

The US-based WordPress hosting service provider InMotion is best for the WP website. It comes with an entire plan that includes CDN, SSL, and more than 200 free themes. You can have only one website under the cheapest option.

If you have multiple websites, you will pay extra. Surprisingly, InMotion is one of the hosts who has a partnership with e-commerce services. With their e-commerce integration, e-commerce services will be better. If you have a high hope to get great customer support, you can trust InMotion.

They are known as the leading web host for customer service. The recent review also says that. Based on the speed and support, InMotion is unbeatable. Besides, if you are seeking a hosting service provider at a cheap rate, InMotion is perfect for you. They offer a cheap hosting package for WP websites.

The key features offered by the InMotion:

  • Free regular backups
  • Automatic software updates
  • Custom configured NGINX stack for 100% security website installation
  • Linux powered server for unlimited storage

We have shown you everything in detail on the review of the top hosting service providers. You cannot go wrong if you are choosing any of the hosts. The top hosts offer a great support system. As you have already known about the hosting performance of different hosts, now it is up to you which one you should choose.

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