Top 10 Underrated Niches with Low Competition

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Updated February 22nd, 2020

Digital marketing is like any other business world; you need to build your brand with a target market in mind. What you are offering must fulfill a need, it should answer the question on the consumer’s mind, provide them with a solution to a problem, or guide them to a website where they can get the highest quality of the product or service they need.

Fail to provide this, and you will end up wasting valuable time building a website with zero traffic.

Going for an underrated niche is your best bet at making money online. More established online entrepreneurs dominate the competitive niches, and your chance of getting a breakthrough is slim.

However, these established businesses began by spotting an underrated niche, exploring its profitability, and building on it. And you can too.

We will look at ten underrated niches in digital marketing that you should consider, and to widen your choices, we will show you how to find these niches.

What is an Underrated Niche in Digital Marketing?

An underrated niche in digital marketing is a market need that other digital marketers have overlooked. Such a niche market has high potential but low competition. The needs keep on growing, so will your brand.   

Most digital marketers are unwilling to walk an untrodden path, and this means you have to put in some extra work to find resources, but the returns will be worth it.

What are the Underrated Niches in Digital Marketing?

Let’s look at some of the underrated niches.  

1. Flight News

There is no shortage of travel websites, but we cannot say the same about flight news. Considering that most people going on these trips will go by airplane, there is a ready audience for the niche.

People want to stay updated on the news surrounding their favorite airlines. And using this information, they can make decisions to remain loyal or switch airlines.

Ensure that the information you give is authentic and does not maliciously tarnish the airline’s reputation. You can register as a travel agent and earn a commission for the seats you sell.    

2. Retro Products

While technological advancement is driving people further away from traditional ways of dressing and products used, some vintage items are creeping back in. For instance, people are realizing the dangers of fast fashion and excessive screen time and embracing the old methods of family entertainment and vintage fashion.

Build a blog that guides people into traditional and healthier methods of doing things, such as playing board games that bind the family together. You can focus on retro toys, clothes, kitchen products, and home décor. 

3. Beginners Video Editing Tutorials

Videos are the main thing right now. With YouTube boasting 2 billion active users per month, as stated by CEO Susan Wojcicki, most people are keen on using the platform to share their content. But video editing involves some technicalities that an untrained person will find difficult.

We are not saying there are no video editing blogs out there. But most are not friendly to amateurs. There is so much jargon involved that leaves the individual confused. You can create a video editing blog for people who are not tech-savvy.

Use the easy step by step tutorials using videos and screenshots. Monetize the blog by recommending video editing software and hardware.    

4. Traveling with Gadgets

Millennials and Generation Z live a life of gadgets. Leaving these gadgets behind when traveling is never an option, and traveling with them can be inconveniencing. The sad part is that there is not enough guidance on the internet addressing this problem.

Different countries are on different levels of technological growth. You can carry out research and tell travelers what accessories they need to carry and what will not work in their destination country. Give advice on how to get data, call minutes, and text in the new country without paying too much.  

5. Drone News

Drones are a fast-evolving market with new models released every so often. The laws regarding drone use in different countries are also always changing. And it can be hard for drone enthusiasts to keep up.

Your website will be a place where drone lovers can learn about the current news. It will be a resourceful site where they can refer to the drone laws in various countries and states. And stay updated on emerging trends related to drones.

6. LinkedIn Job Hunting

Most employers will go through a candidate’s social media profiles to assess if they are the right fit or not. And a professionally done LinkedIn profile will act on the candidate’s favor.

People have also landed direct jobs from their LinkedIn connections, but again, the quality of the profile matters. 

LinkedIn profile creation as a niche is underrated, but it can earn you some decent money and draw traffic to your site. You can create tutorials on creating a selling profile, give advice on job searching through LinkedIn, and offer profile creation services to help people land their dream job.

7. Archery

Archery is a popular sport and has had over 5 million American participants since 2006. There is not enough information about the sport as there ought to be.

But you can change that by creating an active website. Research on the frequently asked questions about archery and build well-researched, SEO-friendly articles.

The sport has so many accessories involved, such as full archery kits, targets, archery nets, and many more. You can include links to Amazon for people who want to buy these items and earn a decent commission.

8. Crowdfunding Guide

With most people lagging in their student debt repayments, getting funds from a bank is becoming more difficult. And this has made alternative sources of funding popular. You can build a website providing guidance on crowdfunding as a way to obtain funds.

Create content that is friendly to both borrowers and investors in crowdfunding. Address the insecurities of investors through well-researched articles.

Show borrowers how to attract the investors they need. Give them the latest news in the industry, such as upcoming crowdfunding platforms, and your website will grow. 

9. Pet Gear

Most people treat their dogs and cats like family. But there is not much information about pet gear on the internet. Most pet bloggers focus on pet care and dedicate a very small section to pet gear.   

You can dedicate your blog to all forms of pet gear ranging from strollers to pet coats, sweaters, and costumes. Your blog will be dedicated to pet lovers who want to keep their fluffy buddies fashionable.

Create the content on ways to keep the pet stylish without interfering with their movements and other bodily functions.

10. Storm Chasing

There is enough content on mountain climbing blogs and other adventures, but storm chasing is an underrated niche. While some people observe and record tornadoes and hurricanes for scientific research, some do it for the adrenaline rush.

Most blogs about storm chasing are by the storm chasers themselves, where they share their experiences. But you can create a website for storm chasers and those interested in joining the adventure through expert advice derived from extensive research. You can recommend the best storm chasing tools.

How to Find the Underrated Niches in Digital Marketing?

The first step of starting a business, whether in the traditional market or online market, is to find where your interest lies. Is it in pets, outdoor activities, tech, or finances? Who is your target market?

Use Google Trends. It will show you what people are searching for, and based on this information, you can find out if there are enough websites covering these areas. You can then narrow down on your niche.    

Google keyword search tool can help you find the specific product in your niche that you will sell and your likelihood of succeeding with the product.    

Visit online forums like Reddit and Quora and assess the discussions and questions posed. You will find out things and issues that people are interested in that other websites have not covered. People use these forums if a Google search query does not yield the expected results.

Look at trend magazines to find out what‘s new in the market and what people are interested in. Then you can be among the first people to explore the topic.  

Study e-commerce sites such as Amazon. It will give you an idea of the referral commissions you can get from reviewing products related to the niche.   


Making money online through digital marketing is easy. But you need to find a profitable niche. You will need to create content with your target audience in mind and provide them with value.

The best niches to give a try are those that other digital marketers are yet to explore, and you can be the pioneer. Consumer needs change with new trends coming up often.

They create excellent opportunities to fulfill a unique need in the market.

Your success will only be determined by our hard work, quality of content, products, or service you give to your clients, and your skills. 


Frank Stovall is an avid traveler, digital marketer, and community outreach specialist. As the active community outreach manager for XO where it is easy to book a flight on private jets in an instant, he is able to travel far and wide with Joshua Tree National Park being one of his favorite recent destinations.

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