6 Main Reasons Why to Use Rank Tracking Software

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Updated July 13th, 2022

Why Use Rank Checker: 6 Main Reasons

We live in the age of personalized search where personal preferences play an important role. The process of analyzing site positions become a time-consuming and challenging task.

Nevertheless, an SEO specialist needs an easy-to-use tool to understand what is going on on the site, what are the results of the work done, and what else should be done for the search engine promotion of a site.

The best solution is to check the site’s positions for queries in various services. Free services for tracking positions are not suitable for in-depth analysis of website promotion, since they don’t save history, don’t have any visualization, and are more suitable for one-time check of site positions.

Paid rank tracker services allow you to customize the region for tracking positions, the number of checks, keep the results for further use and have a clear visualization. Besides, some of them have advanced tools that will be of great use to the SEO specialist.

Do you want to know what position your website is in? You won’t get accurate information without a top-quality rank tracker. This tool will help you to analyze the position of your site and monitor where your competitors are now.

A rank tracker tool makes it possible to achieve all your goals much faster thanks to the deep research of the niche you work in. You can select the local area and any other country, language, and other settings.

Do you still doubt whether you need to use a rank tracking tool? Check what benefits you will enjoy if you use a professional tool for website monitoring.  Find out what opportunities it will open in front of you to make a well-informed decision whether you need it or not.

Evaluate the Quality of Traffic to the Site

Have you ever had such a problem: the number of orders on your site decreases despite the fact that the traffic is high? Sometimes, this strange situation takes place when you don’t expect it at all. The first thing you should do is to do your best to find it out what could cause the problem.

Hope this article will be helpful to you if you pursue a goal to increase conversion on the site and understand what quality of traffic you have. The targeted traffic is the one you should pay special attention to. Check examples of the commercial requests that have a direct connection to the services/products you offer.

“Buy an Apple Ipad Air 2020”, “Italian designer furniture for a living room”. These requests refer to the targeted traffic.  Why should you focus on it? It is obvious. This type of traffic can help you increase the number of orders within a short period.

Brand traffic plays not less important role than targeted traffic. Nobody will disagree with the fact that the more people are searching for your brand, the better for the search engines.

Take into account that your website won’t have good visibility in case the ratio of branded traffic is higher than that of the targeted one or even if the ratio is equal. Use a multi-functional rank tracker tool to check key queries on your own and improve them if necessary according to the results of the check.

6 Key Reasons to Use a Rank Tracker Tool

There are a large number of services for monitoring positions, both paid and free. First of all, you need to concentrate on your goals and decide whether you need good visualization and easy navigation through projects only or you want to use additional tools.

The service can be used for checking positions in Google and other popular search engines. Regions, subdomains, desktop, and mobile search results are available.

There are at least 6 reasons why you should consider using a site tracker. They are the following:

#1 Organizes Keywords Properly

Make the work with the keywords easier and effective. The basis of a successful search engine promotion of a site is a correctly assembled and correctly grouped semantic core. Based on it, the structure of the site is drawn up, and then positions are tracked to assess the dynamics of visibility in search engines.

When compiling a semantic core, it is important to understand not only the frequency and degree of competition of a request but also its type. Understanding the type of query and user intent allows the optimizer to compose the correct semantics. Using a keyword rank checker, you will be able to check what keywords are relevant, track the dynamics, and develop a content strategy that will work for your web project best.

#2 Track Your Rivals

Find out where your competitors are and what they do to stay afloat. Have you always wanted to know how they achieved success? Use a rank tracker and analyze all the available data to make an effective comparison of your rival’s site with your project.

#3 Easier To Use Data & Analyse Performance

Share the results with colleagues and business partners. It is very convenient to export data you have got using a SERP tracker tool. Choose the format you like most. It is easier to compare your current performance with previous results when you have not only a digital format online but can also look through the text version.

#4 Track Changes Region Wise

Be aware of any changes that take place on your site. Rank Tracker makes it possible to get up-to-date results. You will always have relevant data and be able to make a comparison of your website’s performance wherever you are and whenever you have such a need.

It is important to note that the search results should be viewed in the same region where the site is being promoted (search results can vary greatly in different regions, especially for commercial queries), in incognito mode (so that the results are not influenced by cookies) and in all search engines in which promotion is needed (search results can vary greatly for different search engines, especially for mixed queries).

#5 Track As Per Your Pocket

Choose the tariff plan that fits your budget best. If you choose the SpySERP rank tracker, you will be able to choose the tariff according to your business needs. There is a good possibility to check the site position for free during the trial period and decide whether it is the software you want to pay for.

The trial period is 7 days. During it, you can evaluate the work of the tracker tool and understand which subscription plan is the most cost-effective for you personally.

#6 Helpful customer support

A rank tracker tool can be used by both beginners and experienced specialists. But if you have any questions, you can always go to customer support and get instant help online. They will come to the rescue round-the-clock and deal with your problems quickly and effectively. You can also check the FAQ section and find instructions about how to use the tracker tool properly.

As you can see, there are many reasons to start using a rank tracker tool.


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