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Adonwebs offers you best mobile SEO services Delhi & India to make your website Mobile SEO friendly. Our Mobile SEO expert’s optimize your website structure for optimal viewing & enhancing browsing experience on Mobile.

Over the years mobile devices & internet services become easy & accessible to everyone and because of this people now become more connected to internet wherever they go. This increased the mobile search query on search engine like Google & Bing, hence you require to do SEO for mobile search queries.
Start optimizing your websites for mobile view now, can make your website ahead of your competitors and generate more revenue for you.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile Search engine optimization (mobile SEO) means optimizing your website for search engine queries that generated from mobile devices. With this type of search engine optimization (SEO) technique, a website is likely to rank high for mobile searches.
Now as people spend lot of time on their mobile/smart phones and tablets with different screen size, so optimizing your website design, site structure, page speed to enhance user experience on mobile devices will fetch you more happy users.

Why do I need Mobile website SEO?

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. Now as Search engines have a bit different algorithm for indexing mobile websites so if your website is not mobile SEO friendly than you may lose the traffic that coming from mobile devices as more and more people are searching on their mobile devices.
Here are few more points on why you need Mobile SEO for your Website

  • #1 - Mobile Traffic is increasing rapidly day by day
  • #2 - People are using different kind of screen to consume content
  • #3 - If your website is not mobile friendly your losing money

Benefits of Mobile SEO Services

The internet is changing very fast. People are now able to access the internet in a many ways that you couldn’t imagined few years ago. That’s why having a mobile SEO optimized website is extremely important to your business.
Here are benefits of our Mobile SEO Service

Improved User Experience, Hence greater ranking on Search engines
Faster Website Load Speed & faster checkout
Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition
Benefits on cross device conversion
More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than App Development

What We Offer in Mobile SEO Service | Mobile SEO Best Practices

As there are different reason for you to go for Mobile SEO Services, we focus on your business objectives and plan our strategy accordingly.
Our Mobile SEO services include re-structuring your mobile website for optimal viewing and we start with below points -

  • #1 - Do not use flash
  • #2 - Avoid using pop ups on mobile
  • #3 - We don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images
  • #4 - Page speed Optimization
  • #5 - Using for structured data
  • #6 - Optimize titles and meta descriptions
  • #6 - Optimize for local search

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