12 Best Video Editing Software for YouTuber in 2022

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Updated July 13th, 2022

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners & Advanced

 Video marketing is exploring very instantly in this modern world of technology and the internet. People’s attraction to videos is more than reading a simple long paragraph of words.

Talking about different video marketing platforms YouTube is one of the top video platforms or applications which help to circulate information through videos. In a survey, it was found that there are 2 billion active users who watch 250 million videos per day.

This is amazing and some people consider YouTube much better than TV as we can decide on what we want to play anytime anywhere.

If you are a greenhorn and want to open your own YouTube channel then this blog has some very enlightening tips that can help you to make your videos more desirable.

YouTube is all about videos, graphics, and animation, if you are aspiring to be part of this platform then you need to comprehend some essential knowledge that can enable you to design your videos. In this blog, you’ll get to know about some very good editing software for your YouTube videos.

What makes you a good YouTuber?

 The use of a proper camera and microphone may deliver a skilled look, but having high-quality footage is not sufficient to fascinate today’s audiences.

The videos you publicize need to be intriguing – they want to let out a story, hold viewers on the edge of their seats, and be just long sufficient to compel them to expect more.

Connecting a thriving YouTube video from hours of footage you’ve shot is a creative method itself.

To accomplish this you’ll require imagination and a strong video editing program with which to understand it. In this article, we’re putting up with a closer glance at the fairest editing software YouTubers use to generate their videos.

Top Video editing software for YouTube:-

 1. HitFilm Express

HitFilm is a software that is free to use specially designed for those who need a compelling set of tools for video processing. In this software, there are several built-in templates and various amazing features that will help you to edit your video with very little effort.

Also, it allows you to easily trim clips, adjust colors, and export your footage to any video format. Beyond that, this free tool also lets you create

  • custom video masks,
  • set green screen
  • chroma keys
  • The power range is produced footage with a range of 3D compositional features.

Download link –

2. Corel VideoStudio

This software gives a comprehensive and assorted set of video editing tools that are easy, just for learners. It has a lot of video editing aspects, such as video collage templates, which permit you to integrate numerous videos into an individual layout and erase distortion on action camera videos. One can direct export and edit 360-degree video with this application –

This powerful tool comes with many features like:-

  • 360-degree VR support,
  • motion tracking,
  • 4k support, and Multicam.
  • The quickest product on the market in words of rendering.

Download link –

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere is a very helpful and amazing Video editing tool you required to be a good video editor. This software is incredibly powerful, but it is feature-packed ready to overkill for some YouTube creators.

If you’re looking for a video editor for YouTube, the new Premiere Rush may be a better option. As the name implies, Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for you to put the video together fastly.

Built-in motion graphics templates are there, so there’s no need to combine after-effects into your flow of work. This is just one of the numerous attributes that enable you to prepare videos out more rapidly and effortlessly.

Download link –

4. Movie

Maker Pro

If you are looking for video editing software for windows then this software will surely give you what you desire in your video. The good news is that Movie Maker Pro offers many of the same features.

You’ll find Movie Maker Pro in the Microsoft Store, but it’s not a Microsoft app. It’s a free download but does offer an optional upgrade. Glancing at the user’s evaluations, many people are more pleased with the free version.

There are various other options out there, but for a YouTube editor that’s free on Windows, this is a nice place to start your career in the field of youtube and video editing.

Download link –

5. Final Cut Pro X

It is another version of Final Cut Pro but At the time of the first release of a Final Cut Pro X for a very long time this software was not liked by the fans of Final Cut Pro While some still deride it as “iMovie Pro,” it’s very handy if you’re looking for YouTube video editing software that’s a little more advanced than iMovie.

You won’t feel turned away, but Final Cut Pro X is much more important. The application comes with a very affordable price at $299, but that’s not much more than you’d spend for a year for other software like Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro CC.

In this case, you’re buying the app, so you don’t have to worry about monthly billing. As Mac-only software, Final Cut Pro X takes benefit of features like:-

  • the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • and the Metal graphics API for improved performance.

Download link –

6. Premiere Elements

This software is Good for beginners and cheap with a simple interface. This is the most simple tool you’ll require if you are just starting your career as a YouTuber.

This tool will help you to begin with a soft smooth with easy and simple features. It’s essentially a stripped-down version of Premiere Pro, so you get all the standard tools you need for video editing, in a simpler interface, and at a one-off price rather than a subscription.

If you are new to the video editing world then you’ll enjoy this easy to follow interface of this software.

Also, it is not designed by beginners but many intermediates use this software with a little bit of good experience as it also comes with some clever and useful features that can help you to make a good Video

Some of it’s best features are:-

  • easy-to-follow interface,
  • clear navigation,
  • video creation wizard
  • step-by-step tutorials
  • choice of three editing modes.
  • face detection
  • audio effects and soundtracks,
  • noise reduction
  • automatic feature detection
  • guided edits.

Download link –

7. Shortcut


It is an excellent and free video editing software that can work on both Windows, OS X, and Linux. The shortcut has the same principle of work as its expensive analogs – you place video and audio fragments on the timeline and apply effects and captions.

Then you can convert the result into a video file. First, they developed this app for Linux users, and only after a few years of work chose to build editions for Mac and PC users.

That’s why the Shortcut interface is slightly different. They have many automatic features, such as dragging a file to import them into your project.

Download link –

8. Apple iMovie

iMovie for Mac is a powerful video-editing program that among other things can turn iPhone-recorded video footage into stunning movies. Here is our guide to using iMovie for Mac, including our best iMovie for Mac tips for getting the most out of Apple’s video editing software.

If you want to shoot a blog from your holiday tour, a birthday party, or one day trip, you might be facing difficulty to make it a good blog which can turn it into a movie that you can share on your YouTube channel.

The good news is you can create a movie on your Mac easily using iMovie – the video editing software that Apple bundles with all new Macs.

Download link –

9. Nero Video

Nero is meticulous editing software that a YouTuber can use, it allows you to supervise audio and video files, which can be received from the computer’s library, other software, or through external hard drives and discs.

Nero Video enables you to organize the library of multimedia files and video projects that you can develop on your device. Truly, using Nero, you can edit, organize, import, burn, and play media files which can easily help to make your YouTube video a perfect one.

Nero also facilitates you to generate slideshows and videos using different images as per your video requirement and professionally present them.

One can capture and compose footage from a video source, trim and edit out bits, and put the video back jointly in a seamless accurate way.

Download link –

11. Filmora from Wondershare

Filmora for Windows is video editing software by Wondershare that allows you to make –

  • complex short films from your computer
  • Add subtitles
  • choose from a range of overlays
  • browse the library of free songs and sound effects.
  • Edit your video with tools to crop, trim or merge clips
  • Allows you to share your final video in various formats.

This program is a go-to movie and video maker for both beginners and professionals. Now don’t let the simple interface and instinctive menu swindle you.

This is a surprisingly powerful editing tool for your youtube videos. This is a powerful video editing tool that comes with the drag and drops editing option.

When it comes to video editing software for Youtube, Filmora Wondershare is a one-stop-shop. This feature-packed software lets you turn your simple video clips into a creative work of art by simple drag and drop editing.

Download link –

12. CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector is another amazing software that enables the user to get more creative with their YouTube videos. For all who want to accomplish their video editing needs then this software suits those who want to deal with the essentials, as well as those with complex and advanced needs.

The templates are favorable for those who have fundamental editing skills and make the creation procedure much quicker. The possibilities are large, which can be overpowering. The program contributes to a large amount of potential for what a user can build.

There is a 360-degree video editor with a stabilizer also with motion tracking features.  It has a timeline mode which makes it easy to drag and drop video and audio tracks, which means you can join clips together and add a soundtrack of your choice.

Download link –

Some free editing software for video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X are some of the most popular video editing software solutions highly used by YouTubers, but there are many other options.

Maybe this Softwares barely doesn’t match your style,  Or perhaps you’d like to explore something a little easier in your budget.  Luckily, there are various free video editing software tools that are easily available. Some of these includes

  • Freemake, a video editing software solution that is free of costs and time limitations.

  • iMovie works on all Apple products and is an Apple-based video editing software.

  • Shotcut, this software is a completely free, open-source, and cross-platform video editor.

It doesn’t matter which video editing software you select, you can rest assured that there’s a product out there that will make you the perfect YouTuber you can be.

Power of Infographics and Video editing

Your YouTube channel has limited infographics that formulate your channel confused and not impressive.

Affirming a complicated language by using representations can help to improve traffic and people usually prefer to view things rather than reading a boring article. It is estimated that more than 65% of people understand visual things quicker than an article or text.

Good subscribers can be increased by increasing your infographics, they can be inventive and attractive so that users find them interesting and can learn easily about your site. Users don’t pay much attention to long paragraphs, articles, and texted lines.

But graphics can gain their attention and make them more exploring on your site. So, as compared to other sites your site is having very few infographics. Good quality infographics with a good Video editing tool will help you to make your video informative.

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