Super Easy – How to Delete an Account/Property from Google Analytics

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Updated July 12th, 2022

There are many reasons for you to Delete an Account/Property from Google Analytics

  • Like you have created website or blog but it didn’t workout, you want to delete unused GA.
  • You work for a client and manage their GA account, now you no longer work with them or they change their analytics code.

Whatever the reason is, now you no longer want to keep the Google Analytics Account/Property.

Here are simple steps you need to follow to remove or get rid of Google Analytics Account –

Login to Google Analytics Accounts

Step 1 –  Select the Google Analytics Account you want to remove



Step 2 – Select Admin left side Pan


Step 3 –  To delete Google Analytics property click on property


Step 4 –  Than click on Move to Trash Can to Delete GA Property

click on trash to delete google analytics property

Step 5 – If you want to delete complete Google Analytics Account than select GA Account

click on google analytics admin tab

click on google analytics account setting

 And that’s it you are done, It pretty much easy to delete Google Analytics Account or Property.

If you have any problem do let me know I’ll try to help you.

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  1. I had a website designer set up my website in Google Analytics. Instead of my website property being setup, I have Google merchandise store in my property name. I tried to change property name in my google account but I am unable to do that. I thing google is preventing me from changing property name.

    Any suggestions because the web designer is lost.

    • Viren-New-PNG
      Viren Reply

      you can create new google analytics property, if it is new website.

  2. Thanks for solving my problem, I wanted to remove some Properties but couldn’t trace the Location, from where to delete. So I just removed some properties. Thanks for sharing very simple and easy steps. Good Job.

  3. I deleted some properties, but now they are shoring STRIKETHROUGH with names of those properties. How can I remove those Properties permanently please? Please guide me Thank you.

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