What is Local SEO & How To Rank Your Local Business #1

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Updated July 12th, 2022

What is exactly is Local SEO?

With so many terms flying around in Digital Marketing Industry, someone who doesn’t know much about Digital Marketing always get amazed with the new terms coined by this industry. Some of them are really important but others are used just for the sake of emptying the pockets of their client by SEO companies. This brings us to the topic of this blog and much hyped, Local SEO.

Well, Local SEO is quite different from Global SEO. When you ask something from Google, it generally shows results which are nearer to you. That is exactly what Local SEO is all about. While the Global SEO works on a global level, Local SEO gives your sites a higher rank, when someone in your local area searches local keywords for which your website has been optimized.

So why & who needs to invest in Local SEO?

Studies show that out 100 people, 40 people who search something on Google have some local intent rather a global approach. Also, 2 in three people take actions because of Local result received, especially in case of purchase.

So, for someone who is selling something which has more interest locally or can be accessed by the local people only, it is very essential to invest in Local SEO rather than standard Global SEO. For such businesses, it would be easy to target customer using Local SEO and get better results, and better ROI.

So, for the service providers whose services are local or those who are limited to local area should invest in Local SEO, e.g. retail stores, any local service stores, florist, salon, restaurants, spa, dancing and other hobby classes etc.

What are the key benefits of Local SEO?

If you do optimise your website for location-based keywords, then no matter what your marketing budget is, your website will be highly ranked. Even if there are a lot of non-location based competing keywords, your website will still be ranked high.

Another big advantage of Local SEO is that if you get a high rank on Google Locations then a lot of apps available in Play Store use these Google Locations. You will not only get highly ranked but you will also get optimization in apps used by smartphone users which ultimately increase your footfall numbers.

How To Rank Your Local Business

#1  Optimizing website for locally (Local SEO)

The best place to optimize you website for Local SEO keywords is “Contact Us” page. This is where most of companies keep their local address and explains about nature of service they are giving, so adding location based keyword to this webpage is a lot easier.

Also, location based keywords should also be inserted in the anchor text of the backlinks. It is very important for the business to clearly defined “the category” of the business they are dealing with. Also, the address updated on the website should match with what Google Location has in its records.

#2 Google Local Business Listing & Bing Local Listing

Create Google local listing and don’t just put your company name on title, use at least one keyword to describe nature of your business. This will help to get rank locally very faster.

Chose at least 2 to 3 business categories which suit your business and satisfy your customer’s requirement.

Add phone number, complete address; don’t forget to show your office timing.

Add some nice cover page and high quality images on gallery related to your business or customers.

Write a short description up to 100 words with your business keywords optimized in description.

And at last always encourage customers to give review about your business, this gives you very high ranking on Google search.

 #3 Local Citation – Register Local Business Listing Websites

There are many local business website in your city, register your business and website to hem and Keep you name, address and phone number (NAP) consistent thought the local citations.

And in final,

This is just a small step you need to take get your store found on google search. If you are not technical don’t worry, for this small task you don’t have to. Start early and get an edge over your competitors.




Viren is having 6+ years of experience in Digital Marketing across different industries & verticles. He is in expert Paid Advertising & SEO.

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